Camping Guidelines

Camping Guidelines for Scouts


 Download a equipment list here!

There are a few things kids should remember to help stay safe, and to be good neighbors when camping:

Campfire Safety

  • An adult should be present during campfires.
  • Make sure there is always a full bucket of water near the campfire for emergency use. Don’t move or play with the bucket.
  • Always walk around the outside of others sitting around the campfire  (don’t walk between the campfire and other people).
  • Don’t run around or near the campfire.
  • Don’t leave items on the ground near the campfire that others might trip over, such as flashlights, sticks, etc.
  • Don’t put anything into the campfire without permission from your parent. Don’t put any toxic items such as plastics, non-flammable items such as metal or glass, or lightweight flammable items, such as paper, napkins, or leaves into the campfire.
  • Don’t play with burning sticks.
  • Use care when roasting marshmallows. Don’t intentionally set marshmallows on fire. If one catches on fire accidentally, hold it inside the fire ring while blowing out the flame. Don’t swing marshmallow sticks around. When walking with a marshmallow stick, hold it vertically in front of you. Hand sticks to your parent or an adult leader when you are finished roasting.

Campsite and General Safety

  • Use the buddy system - make sure you always have a buddy with you. Don’t leave the campsite without permission from your parent.
  • Use a flashlight after dark, and make sure it has your name on it. Stay where your parent can see you.
  • Don’t feed the furry campground residents (raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.) – they may be cute, but they can bite, and may carry diseases. And people food is not good for them.
  • If you find any snakes, don’t touch them.
  • Watch out for poison ivy – ask your parents to help you identify it.

Campsite Courtesy

  • Keep quiet during campground quiet hours (usually from about 11pm to 7am).
  • Try not to disturb other campers – leave cd players, electronic games, etc. at home.
  • Don’t cut through other campsites.
  • Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

Have fun, and enjoy the great outdoors!

Suggestions of items to pack:
Each Person:
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad (for comfort – foam, cot, etc)
Fork, knife, spoon, plate, cup (1)
Flashlight, at least one – with extra batteries
Extra Socks
Appropriate Cub Scout Book
Cub Scout/Cub Scout leader uniform (Field(A) & Activity(B) shirt)
Pajamas or sleepwear
Jacket, gloves, and warm cap, as required
by weather
Durable, closed toed shoes
Canteen or water bottle
No electronic games, etc.
Each Family:
Tent stakes
Rubber mallet
Ground cloth
Camp chair(s)
Bug spray
Sun screen
Toilet paper
Igloo cooler
First Aid Kit
Binoculars / Telescopes
Nature guides / Books/ Identification Charts
Fishing gear!!


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Sep 30, 2011, 10:18 AM