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Cubanapolis 400

Announcing the Third Annual
Pack 243
CUBANAPOLIS 400 (& movie night!)

Racers: All Pack 243 Scouts, and their Cub scout age (~6-10) siblings
Family 'pit crew' including siblings not racing.

Make a "car" and race it 4 laps around a track, making a pit stop after each lap.
AND FOOD, we will be grillin up some picnic style dinner, lemonade and water will be provided.
We will also have games to play during races!

Important note: Please wear Tennis shoes only (boys and families), no hard soled shoes on the gym floor!


Date: Sunday, May 30th, 2015
Time: Check in: 4:30pm,  (at Sachse HS)
          Race starts at 5:00pm
          Dinner: 6:00pm (at North Pointe Church meeting house)
          Movie: around 7:00pm

    *******LOCATION CHANGE*******   
    The race will be held at Sachse High School (3901 Miles Road, Sachse).  Park in the back of the school near the tennis/softball courts.   

Behind the North Pointe Church there is the ministry house, at 4401 Williford, Sachse (map here).
       There is very limited parking at the house, so parking at 4405 circle drive, the park across the street or in the main parking lot off of 78.

you only need to provide your decorated cardboard race car for the scout racer.
        Lowes and Home Depot have new boxes for under $3.

Things to bring:
  • Camp chairs
  • Blanket to put on the ground, picnic style!
  • Camera
  • Show your race team spirit by wearing a team shirt!  You can decorate them up the same however you would like.

Cubanapolis 400

Cubanapolis 400 is a fun derby where boys put on boxes that looks like cars and race each other (by running).


Each Cub needs a cardboard box that is big enough for him to stand up inside and carry. It can have an open top, or cut-out holes for arms and head. Cars should ideally be between 24”and 36” long, about 12” high and between 12” and 18” wide, but there are no strict rules for car size, so make it as big or small as you like as long as your scout can wear it.

The Cub will decorate the box to look like a race car (or a space ship, garbage truck, or any vehicle he wants, see files below for examples). Construction paper, paint, tape, aluminum foil and markers are all great things to have on hand to spur creativity. Colored paper plates make great wheels. Be sure no dangerous materials (such as glass or metal) are used.

The car decorating can be done at home or as a den activity.

Keep in mind that the cars will likely end up damaged (if not completely destroyed) by the time the race is over.

The Race

The race is 4 laps long with a pit stop after each of the first 3 laps.

  • The first pit stop is “cleaning the windshield.”  The pit crew has to squirt water on the goggles and wipe them off.
  • The second pit stop is “refueling.” The Cub Scout must drink a small cup of water through a straw.
  • The third pit stop is “tire change.” The Cub Scout’s shoes must be untied and taken off, his socks must be changed from one foot to the other, and his shoes must be put back on and tied.
  • Each scout must have a pit crew consisting of 1 or 2 family members or friends (adults or youth, but not other Pack 243 scouts).  Pit crews are encouraged to wear a "Team shirt" and show your team pride!
  • Races will be grouped by dens.
  • Boys must wear lace-up shoes and socks. If a participant only has Velcro shoes, they can take a 5 second per pit stop time penalty. No slip on shoes are allowed.
  • Boys must wear goggles (if you do not have goggles the pack will provide them)
  • Races will be run in heats of 2 or 3 boys at a time
  • The winner of each race is the first to cross the finish line (the scout, not the car!)
  • Race times do not carry between heats.
  • There will be 3 rounds of races
    • Qualifying rounds will result in 8 scouts going to the quarter-finals
    • Four quarter-final races will result in 4 scouts going to the semi-finals
    • Two semi-final races will result in 2 scouts going to the finals
    • Final race to determine the champion
  • There will not be any trophies awarded, but every boy will win a certificate for something. The winner will get “Fastest Car” but others will get awards such as:
    • Coolest Goggles
    • Wackiest Socks
    • Best Paint Job
    • Most Creative Design
    • and many others

  • And as always, remind the boys that what is important is that they do their best, play by the rules, show good sportsmanship, and have fun.

  • A printable version is available below

Some Examples:

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