January Monster Garage Meeting -

Our January Pack Meeting will actually be a Monster Garage building session for the Pinewood Derby cars. We will have tools and help available to assist in cutting/shaping the cars, drilling holes for the axles, and sanding. We will NOT paint at this meeting. That must be done at home. We will also not complete the actual assembly of the cars. Again, that will be completed at home after the final sandings, painting, decorating, etc. Below you will find information about building your car. Also, please be sure to see the links to helpful pinewood derby car tips on the Pinewood Derby page.

Construction steps:

  • Prepare wheels and axles ------see info
  • Draw profile of car on side of block. Here are some idea's
  • Draw top view, including openings for weights
  • Mark locations of axles
  • Drill holes for axles (drill press, by adult)
  • Cut car's profile (scroll saw/band saw by adult)
  • Cut top view (scroll saw/band saw by adult)
  • Shape and Sand (by hand by the boys of course)
  • Weigh body, axles, wheels... add lead to total 5 ounces
  • Glue lead pieces to car body - (5-minute epoxy works well, hot-glue is viable alternative)
  • Trim to weight limit; final sanding
  • Paint/Decorate (keep body clean where hubs will touch)
  • Install and align wheels
  • Add graphite and work into wheels

Materials needed for Monster Garage:

  • 1 energetic boy looking forward to the Pinewood Derby
  •  Pinewood Derby Car Kit (received at Christmas party)
  • A good idea of the desired car design
  • Sketches of the car profile(s), on paper or on the block of wood
  • Weights. Any weights will work, "official" weights can be found at Elliot's, Hobby Lobby, Scout Shop, or most hobby stores.

Materials needed to get for the derby car:
  • Graphite. Available at hardware stores in the key section
  • Paint (enamel or acrylic works well)
  • Any Decals or other decorations 
  • Shoebox to store and transport the car to the races 
  • Sandpaper, various grits (we will have this at the meeting) 
  • Extra weights. Any weights will work, "official" weights can be found at Elliot's, or hobby shops.