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POPCORN Powers the Pack!
 Download a new order form here: <coming soon>

**** If you missed the kickoff, please plan on picking up your popcorn kits at the next den / patrol meeting.  ****

IMPORTANT: Please remember to email your weekly totals to this email address every Sunday night. This is very important for several reasons:

1.  We have a weekly ice cream contest for the den with the top Sales % - The winner will be announced every Monday!

2.  We also have weekly winner for top sales in each den - your scout gets to pick from the prize box!

3.  But wait...there's more....the TOP Salesman will get an extra prize each week!

Please send me an email every Sunday with a quick report of how much your boy sold that week.  We have a weekly den contest.  The den selling the most POPCORN the previous week will get ice cream!!!  A reminder email will be sent on Sunday and I have to have a reply by noon on Monday (even if the response is a zero….we all get busy….it’s okay, just let me know how you are doing). 

POPCORN Powers the Pack:

Our Popcorn Fundraiser is very helpful for many reasons.  If we can raise the funds that we need during this sale, then we don't need to come back to you for more money, more money and even more money (which we do not like doing either)!  From popcorn sales, our pack receives 28% commission, and selling popcorn allows our pack to provide a quality Scouting program, offers a simple, safe, effective, risk free fundraiser that helps teach your boys salesmanship, speaking skills, confidence and so much more for their future.  
Please take a moment to review our annual budget here: Pack 243 Budget. As you can see, we have lots of great activities planned for the year & as it has been said - it is impressive how the leaders can stretch these dollars for the pack!  Just as a reminder - the pack always pays for all achievements, campsites at family camp outs and for all of the food - which we do love to all eat!  We also really really do not like chasing money from anyone and POPCORN has always been a great seller for Pack 243.  

Ultimately, the pack can put on the entire scouting program for about $140 per boy, add in the $24 for BSA recharter and it all can be covered with just $600 in POPCORN sales - this is totally attainable! This may seem like a lot of money, but it is easily attainable - just 1 hour today we were able to get $120 in sales.  

As a parent of a scout who has successfully sold POPCORN for the past 5 years, I have a few tips for you...This is so much easier than you think.


How easy??

i.              60 – Caramel corn orders OR
ii.             24 – Kettle corn orders OR
iii.            17 – Cheese lovers OR
v.             12 - $50 military donations…..Military donation are my personal favorite. First because they are going to the our service men and women, second it’s tax deductible and third…….you don’t have to touch the popcorn (no delivery on your part).


A couple of tips about selling from some wise folks……

a.      Use the script provided (Included in your POPCORN envelope)….how you ask for help is the key to selling.

b.      Always wear your Class A uniform

c.      Always sell with an adult or in a group

d.      Never enter anyone’s home

e.      Do Not sell after dark

f.       Always stay on the sidewalk and driveways (no cutting across the yard).

g.      Never carry large amounts of cash.


All checks need to be made out to Pack 243 and we will do 2 collections -  at the pack meeting in late September, the DUE DATE for orders, and October 19th pack meeting.  All money should be collected when you take the order.

If you sell military donations you can give them a receipt for tax purposes. a sheet of receipts are available HERE.

Don’t forget to sign up your scout to sell POPCORN online too!!  Go to to register your boy.  Have him help you create his avatar then send a request to your out of town friends and family.  Once again this is a great way to sell because you don’t actually have to touch the POPCORN, it is delivered directly to the buyer.  The prices & selections vary a slight bit from the order form and they have streamlined shipping… of all, they have some flavors that we don’t have on the take order form.


PRIZES::  Council Prizes can be located HERE - 

HERE is another order form - once you have filled up your first, don't forget to go get your RC Car!!

I can’t wait for our finally party…..SUGAR RUSH!!!  And yes, it is going to be sweet!!!!

A few tips to keep motivating your son:

*** ask him to give you 7 or 8 hours - not at once of course, but over the course of the next 5 weeks - this seems to be a good time frame for door-to-door sales.

***Sunday afternoon football games usually means that people are at home (i.e. GREAT time to sell)

*** As suggested from a leader in another pack, ask your son to "collect" "no's" - the more "no's" he gets the better - means he has talked to more people!  Maybe offer an incentive or treat for every 50 "no's" or even the no answers....could even be a trip to the Dollar Tree for some fun - I mean how many times do our kids ask us for stuff they do not need? Well mine like to all the time, so what better incentive than to tell him he gets to choose his own stuff for every certain number of collected no's!

*** Remember - YOUR POSITIVE attitude will help ensure your son's success! :) 


Finally, if you are just not able to sell POPCORN you can opt out by writing a check to the pack for $140 but please talk to me personally about this before you decide.


Happy selling and see you soon at your next den meeting!!



Important Popcorn Dates:
Order Forms Due: October 19th 
Money Due: October 19th

Q: Who should a check be made out to to pay for popcorn?:
A: To 'Pack 243'

Q: When will popcorn be delivered?
A: After Nov 16th, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Q:Can I ship my order to an address outside of the United States?
A: Not at this time. only accepts shipping and billing addresses within the United States, Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO addresses.

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